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Turning an empty Brooklyn warehouse space into one of Brooklyn's most interesting and best performance venues was incredibly rewarding. Check out a performance here next time you're in Gowanus!

A large room containing a stage at the far end and a bar at the front left of the image. The bar is clad with cork, a mural lines the walls behind the bar, and a custom-made honeycomb light fixture hangs above it. Pendant lights in two straight lines lead back toward the stage, which has a custom-designed backdrop and lighting system.
Bar and front doors of Littlefield from the inside. The doors are on the left side of the frame, and the bar is on the right.

Note from the Architect

In collaboration with the owners of Littlefield and Joel Fitzpatrick Lighting Design, we developed custom lighting that included a fun backlit stage.

We were able to collaborate on custom lighting, built-ins, and many other design elements that contributed to the space's unique atmosphere.

Stage at Littlefield with purple lights and rows of folding chairs.
  • Joel Fitzpatrick Lighting Design
  • Littlefield
  • Mark Doyle
  • Apol de la Torre
  • Rodney James
  • Littlefield