Welcome to Parklife!

Interior of Parklife, with exposed beams on the ceiling, concrete floors, a green floral mural on the wall, and a bar to the left of the image.
Qualls Benson

Our second collaboration with Scott Koshnoodi and Julie Kim, Parklife is a restaurant, bar, and large outdoor space designed for elevated, family-friendly fun all year round.

A restaurant with and indoor-outdoors space and a large yard in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Parklife offers a wide range of entertainment, food, and drinks sure to provide the perfect visit.

It's a trendy indoor and outdoor space with a welcoming atmosphere. What was once a vacant lot was transformed into a large yard with a mix of seating and entertainment options. A full bar and restaurant space are full of unique, interesting touches. Murals and reclaimed elements play interestingly with the industrial elements that feel quintessentially South Brooklyn.

Courtyard of Parklife at night, with strings of lights, triangular orange awnings, and orange Aperol umbrellas. Groups of people sit at picnic tables and stand, talking and drinking.
Exterior wall adjacent to a courtyard at Parklife. The wall is covered in ivy and plants, and an orange umbrella can be seen at the bottom of the image.
Courtyard of Parklife, with orange umbrellas and awnings and crowds of people talking and drinking.
Outdoor seating area with a green floral mural, wood tables, and black chairs.