Brooklyn Preschool of Science Park Slope - Just as Fun as the First!

Teal-painted classroom with spherical pendant lights and a door leading to the rear yard
Hallway with magnetic walls, a hammerhead shark model hanging from the ceiling, and a large fish tank.
Front door of the brick Brooklyn Preschool of Science

Working with the Brooklyn Preschool of Science and Carmelo the Science Fellow on their second Brooklyn location in Park Slope really brought out the kids in us! The preschool shares several features with its first location in Cobble Hill, which we designed in 2013.

There's a surprise around every corner, including an eight-foot-long aquarium, full height magnet walls, a life size light peg wall, and even a full-scale space suit! We had a blast helping create this space for engagement and interactivity.

Throughout the design process, we worked closely with the developer to ensure that each classroom has access to natural light. We carefully carved out spaces open to the sky above to serve as lightwells, since the school is below sidewalk-level. The subterranean space feels cheerful and welcoming with the addition of colored LED panels and brightly painted walls. Large window openings frame the living wall in the outdoor space. Outfitting each space with plantings and kid-friendly furnishings enhances the school and connects it to the outdoors. LED lighting throughout creates a bright, airy feeling.

Creating a healthy and fun environment was our primary design goal for the Brooklyn Preschool of Science Park Slope - and the final project shows it!

Bright yellow staircase leading to an office space with one bright blue accent wall and a jellyfish light.
Rotunda with multicolored, paneled lighting and an astronaut suit in the middle
Rear yard with benches, planters built into the cement wall, and access to all three classrooms.