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Bolander Boutique Gallery

Photo of the inside of an antique shop. The walls and ceilings are painted white, large aged metal beams are both decorative and supportive, and a mezzanine with spiderweb-like railings is visible at the top right of the photo.

Collaborating with Lars Bolander to transform an incredible space, once used as a meat storage center, into one of New York City's finest antique stores, flooded with sun from skylights and full of eclectic pieces.

At the foreground, a wood table holds merchandise in an antique store. Beyond that sit decorative and supportive aged metal beams. In the background, a set of shelves holds antique glassware and decorative objects.
Aged metal beams used for aesthetics and support create an X on the ceiling of an antique store stocked with merchandise.

Maintaining the rustic masonry walls, wood beams, and original subfloors paid homage to the building's history.

Antique store showroom with decorative and structural iron beams and two large skylights.

We expanded the amount of natural light coming through the roof to create a light-filled atmosphere all day long.

Two aged metal support columns are connected by a steal beam in a double-height space in an antique store.
View of a large skylight from the mezzanine of an antique shop in Manhattan, NY. Beyond the decorative railing, the main sales floor peeks through.
  • Lars Bolander
  • Peter Peirce
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