Apartments and Condos

The Landmark at Strong Place

Exterior of a brownstone church after we refurbished and converted the building into condo units

This unique adaptive reuse project involved converting a historic 1850s Gothic Revival Church designed by Minard Lafever into residential units.

After Exterior of a Brooklyn church after our renovation, with a restored fence and brownstone façade
Before Exterior of an abandoned church before our adaptive reuse renovation
The building had been abandoned and was no longer habitable, but we took great care to preserve the Gothic architectural details of the building's outer shell.
After Dining area in a Brooklyn adaptive-reuse condo building
Before Part of the mezzanine of an abandoned church, which would become a dining room after our adaptive reuse renovation
Inserting new floorplates and windows allowed us to create 23 units, each unique in character and in relationship to the building.
After Restored doorway with a pointed arch top and a new window in a Brooklyn adaptive reuse condo conversion
Before Side doorway with a pointed arch in an abandoned Cobble Hill church before our adaptive reuse renovation
We preserved openings when possible and respected the original Gothic features when designing new windows and doors.
Three pointed arch-top windows in a Brooklyn condo unit that was converted from a church
Kitchen with two skylights and very high ceilings in a Brooklyn condo
Front entrance with re-made historic front door, restored original woodwork, and slate floors in a Cobble Hill condo building
Pointed, narrow window with a houseplant on the window sill

We salvaged and reused as much interior woodwork as possible, including paneling and stained glass windows, to respect the original design intent and detailing.

Kitchen with preserved stained glass window in a Brooklyn condo
Architectural details of a condo unit in a Brooklyn adaptive reuse project
Balcony in a Cobble Hill condo
Loft-style condo with wood floors and white walls in a Brooklyn condo building

The project reinvents and respects the original design intent and detailing of the original building.

Hallway with preserved woodworking from the building's previous life as a church
Loft-style condo unit with white walls, a pointed ceiling, and wood floors
Kirchen with an open stringer, open riser staircase, restored windows, and white island in a Brooklyn condo
Brownstone details and a flower-shaped window on the exterior of a church converted into condos
Petal-shaped window in the tower of a Brooklyn condo building that was converted from a church to residential units
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