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Brooklyn Heights Condo

Kitchen with an exposed brick wall, wood floors, and white millwork

Improving the relationship between the kitchen, living room, and dining area in this Brooklyn Heights condo was a central focus of our renovation.

After Living room with new fireplace and furnishings at the front of a Brooklyn Heights apartment after our renovation.
Before Living room at the front of a Brooklyn Heights apartment before our renovation
Replacing the fireplace and radiators, and refreshing the floors and furnishings, created a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements.
After Dining area with green chairs and a wall of wine labels preserved from before the renovation.
Before Kitchen with a wall of wine labels before our renovation
The family had a years-old collection of wine labels pasted to the kitchen wall. Through careful planning and care, we preserved the labels in the new dining area.
Open riser, open stringer metal staircase below a skylight
Den with a large skylight, built-in bookshelves, and aged teal barn doors

Note from the Architect

On the upper floor family room, carefully angled skylight openings maximize light brought into the space. A bright pair of barn doors welcomes you to the room. On the roof, a new bulkhead and roof deck gave the family access to outdoor living.

Bulkhead and outdoor kitchen on the roof of a Brooklyn Heights apartment
Open stringer, open riser staircase with wood handrail and treads.
Den with a blue-grey couch and a teal, aged barn door
Study with built-in bookshelves and a desk in front of a large window.
  • Shawn Henderson
  • M2 Contracting
  • Peter Peirce