Bringing Your Space to Light

Design Material Highlights

One of our favorite ways to bring light into homes is by installing skylights. In cities like New York, where homes often share two walls with neighbors, it can be challenging to ensure proper natural lighting throughout a space. When designed and integrated correctly, natural daylight provides year-round benefits, including introducing light and warmth into dark spaces.

Oftentimes, a project will come to us with an intact historic skylight waiting to be restored. When working on historic brownstones, clients often want to better their homes while paying respect to the building's history. We always enjoy the process of restoration as a way to honor the craftsmanship and architectural styles that are evident in these gorgeous, existing skylights. Some even date back to the late 1800s.

For other projects, the space calls for a more dramatic transformation, both spatially and stylistically. Adding a large, dramatic light source to a home creates a new centrality, whether focused at the top of a stairwell or above a living space. This creates more comfortable and pleasant spaces in locations that previously lacked natural light.