BHDS with Taffera Fine Building & Finishes

Design BIA Interiors

When we first entered the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse, we were struck by the potential presented by the original galley kitchen and dining room. Our first instinct was to remove the wall that separated both rooms. This ensured that the Parlor Kitchen had the same grandeur as the double parlor at the front of the house.

We designed a multifunctional area for cooking, gathering, and entertaining. The space is unified by both the island and banquette that spans multiple windows. The cabinetry, created in collaboration with Taffera Fine Building & Finishes, has simple but beautiful design details. We accented the millwork with decorative leaded glass, brushed finished stone slabs, and crafted upholstery work that urge you to not only look, but to touch and feel.

Combining the spaces brightened the entire rear of the parlor floor and showcased the large windows. The new kitchen provides ample opportunity for natural light throughout the day.

Soft, monochromatic tones bring a refreshing energy to the kitchen while respecting the historic townhome’s architectural details.

We took great care to ensure that the proportions of our design matched those of the existing house. We strove to match the scale of the existing large pocket doors with historic etched glass and the high ceilings.

Taffera Fine Building & Finishes was an integral collaborator on this project. We worked and designed side by side to both build and create cabinetry simultaneously through their sister company, Ace Fabrications. The culmination of these efforts was a functional and showstopping kitchen. This project, completed in under 10 weeks, required a level of coordination, detail, and quality for which Taffera is best known.

“The kitchen at the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse was the product of open communication and a collaborative spirit under a tight deadline. Despite the time pressure, the established working relationship with Baxt Ingui and Ace Fabrications enabled us to complete the build in time for opening events. We appreciate the hands-on approach and decisiveness by Sohui Kim and the Baxt Ingui team as we worked closely to see this project to its successful, finished state.”

Eric Taffera, Taffera Fine Building & Finishes

Finish Photography: Adam Kane Macchia