Peril and Promise: The Challenge of Climate Change

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Large sliding glass doors separating an attic space from the roof deck. The roof deck has bluestone pavers and is covered by a solar canopy.

Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call for New York City that climate change is creating extreme and unpredictable weather. To address this, WNET created Peril & Promise - a public media initiative highlighting different solutions New Yorkers have implemented to fortify their homes and business for the future, in hopes that these stories create a model for the nation.

As a firm, Ingui Architecture and Design has spent over a decade building, learning about, and taking part in New York City's high performance building community. We are proud to be an example for other designers in the city, and look forward to seeing where the industry goes in the coming years.

We are proud to have three of our Brooklyn certified Passive Houses featured in Episode 3, "Sealed for Freshness."

Watch it here: