Passive Design is the Future of Architecture - New York Post

Penthouse of a Carroll Gardens townhouse with bluestone pavers, striped outdoor furniture, sliding glass doors, and a rooftop solar array.
John Muggenborg

Thank you to the New York Post for including us in this piece on the explosion of passive design in the United States and beyond.

We've been building passive houses in New York City for a decade and have had a blast working with the Passive House Accelerator since 2019, on events ranging from podcasts and videos to this past March's Reimagine Buildings '24. Under Zack Semke's direction, the Passive House Accelerator has helped bring the high-performance building community together, which has led to the growth of the movement and inspired many to join.

We're excited to be included alongside such inspiring passive house designers and developers, like ARO, Xylem Projects, and Handel Architects.

We'd like to thank the amazing partners who make our work possible, including Zola, Brooklyn Solarworks, Mitsubishi, Zehnder, Taffera Fine Building & Finishes, PJoe Construction, Kleen Construction, Kevin Brennan, and our clients.

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Passive Design is the Future of Architecture

It's another sunny day on the Internet. Dozens of participants are lined up in their digital boxes attending Reimagine Buildings '24, an online conference held in the spring dedicated, mostly, to Passive House.