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Restored front facade of a historic Brooklyn Heights brownstone with black front doors, a stoop, and ironwork railings.

Michael Ingui sat down with CNN Business to explain the basics and benefits of Passive House from inside one of our under-construction Passive Houses. In addition to walking through a construction site, Michael also walks through the interior and exterior of the First Passive House in an NYC Landmarked District. Thanks to the CNN Global Energy Challege for the opportunity to showcase a unique form of eco-friendly design.

You'd never know that Passive Houses are high-performance buildings if not for the sense of quiet, the freshness of the interior air, and the drastically reduced energy usage.

Learn more basic concepts of Passive House in What is a Passive House?, written by Michael Ingui, on the Passive House Accelerator.

Making an Old Home Healthier for You and the Environment

What if you could boost the energy efficiency of a historic home, drastically reduce the cost of heating and cooling, and improve the indoor air quality?