BCS One Brooklyn Community Partner Award

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Front lobby of the Brooklyn Community Services Coney Island Center.
Matthew Septimus
Brick facade of the Brooklyn Community Services Coney Island Center.
Wood cubicles which can be transitioned from a divided office to an open community space.

Baxt Ingui Architects was awarded the One Brooklyn Community Partner award for providing pro bono design and support during the construction of the new Brooklyn Community Services Coney Island Community Service Center.

The center was designed to provide community services following the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy and act as a base for BCS case management and its wide range of supportive services. The convertible stations were made of off-the-shelf doors cut and reassembled in interesting shapes. The barriers can pivot to form private cubicles or open to create an unobstructed space for community meetings, workshops, movies, and performances by youth groups.

The simple yet innovative design of the space also allows for workers to pack away their work stations above the Sandy flood level. The construction labor was donated by assorted New York Union members, and construction management was provided by Cinalta Construction.