Baxt Ingui Architects Proudly Launches BIA Interiors

Company News

After years of collaboration between Baxt Ingui Architects and NYC-based interior designer Heather Tilev, we are proud to announce the formation of BIA Interiors.

Heather established Tilev Design in 2001, with a background in both interior design and architecture. OVer the past 15 years, we have collaborated many times, completing beautiful and successful projects together and building a mutually strong, repeat-client business. Bringing Heather and her expertise in house to develop our Interior Design Department was a natural progression.

BIA Interiors is a highly professional interior design team specializing in creating interior spaces that are uniquely individual to each client's lifestyle. The team is exceptional at guiding clients through the design process with a focus on sophisticated, well-composed, and functional designs ranging from classic townhouse interiors and distinctive apartments to institutional interiors and retail environments.

The cohesive detail of our projects is heavily influenced by the collaborative work environment at the firm. Working alongside architects, engineers, and construction crews helps the BIA Interiors team integrate refined interiors by meticulous planning early in their projects.