Greenpoint Brick Infill Reimagined


When we opened up the sheetrock of this freestanding wood frame house in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we were surprised to find masonry walls. We soon discovered that this type of exterior wall construction was common for this typology, built around 1850.

Uncovered brick infill in a Greenpoint townhouse during demolition.

The masonry was structurally sound and created a beautiful pattern that added to the space. We decided to alter our original plan for the foyer.

Part of the owners' vision for their home was to incorporate original quirks into the modern renovation, so we decided to incorporate these original materials into the new double-height foyer that can be seen from the exterior. Between the exposed brick in the entryway and clear cedar on the exterior of the home, the building is a testament to the possibilities that are unlocked by letting materials shine in their natural state.