BIA Interiors Feature: Custom Home Office Built-Ins

BIA Interiors

Working from home has affected a lot of us in very different ways. On one hand, it's nice to be in the comfort of your own space, and on the other, most of us didn't plan to be working from home, so our spaces aren't properly equipped.

Makeshift desks, using the kitchen counter, switching from couch to chair to dining table, and other inefficient methods are just a few ways we've been trying to cope. As working from home slowly becomes the new norm, we need to evaluate and transform our spaces to include some type of comfortable home office configuration, wherever that may be.

Many of our clients have asked us to create ideal home offices for them. Each one has truly turned out to be perfect for each client. Sometimes, the best place for an office is as part of a larger space, like a kitchen or bedroom, while others, a dedicated room is necessary. Either way, good design is imperative to keep clients organized, and thoughtful attention to aesthetic ensures a motivated workflow.

This client needs two working spaces: one space in the kitchen for family organization and another solely dedicated to professional work. Breaking the two spaces up really helped keep business separate and organized on all fronts.

A custom built-in corner desk is large enough to house two people and everything needed to get work done. This includes custom file drawers, cubbies, and storage space for a printer, scanner, and other technology equipment.

Corner office space next to the kitchen with black and white Roman shades and white built-in desk, cabinets, and shelves.

This client wanted a custom desk for two right off their bedroom, so that the space would be ready whenever inspiration hit. This small space made a big impact on their lives.

We created this dedicated space adjacent to outdoor living so our client could be drenched in sunlight with easily accessible fresh air. It was important for them to feel connected to nature while working. This bright and airy space paired with sleek furniture selections transformed the space into their dream office.

Office space with a clear acryllic chair, painting on the wall, and glazed door leading to a roof deck.