BIA Interiors Feature: Bedroom Design Tips

BIA Interiors
Primary bedroom with a tan settee, red velvet bed, and light-colored grass cloth wallpaper.
Adam Kane Macchia

A bedroom is often a safe haven to enjoy peace and solitude at the beginning and end of each day. With the seasons changing, we are spending even more time at home and it is key to have a designated place for peaceful escape.

This is why it's so important to give primary bedroom design the same thought as we often do to main living spaces. Although not a focal point of the home, it is crucial that our private spaces are well designed to create peace and calm.

At BIA Interiors, we love to keep primary bedrooms light and airy. We focus on layering textures and often use design elements such as textured wallpapers and light fixtures to create interest without overpowering the spaces.

Bedroom in a Prospect Heights home with plaster detailing on the ceiling and a black chandelier.

Our client wanted a clean, neutral bedroom palette, so we chose a dark sheepskin rug to ground the space and bring a soft touch to the room (it also feels amazing to the touch). The oversized sputnik chandelier adds interest and contrasts the white walls but doesn't feel overwhelming with the bedroom's high ceilings.

Primary bedroom with a rose-colored pendant light, grass cloth wallpaper, and red velvet upholstered headboard.
Primary bedroom with a tan settee, red velvet bed, and light-colored grass cloth wallpaper.

For this client's primary bedroom, we decided to wallpaper all of the walls with a rose colored grass cloth wallpaper to create a soft, calming feel. We went bold with a velvet fabric-wrapped headboard that compliments the rose tones and gives a personality to the space while still maintaining the overall serene feel.

Floating white side table with a sconce next to the bed in a primary bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms, simple styling is often best.

Fresh flowers soften and bring life to the space, while candles or a stack of books are a foolproof way to keep your nightstand looking put together.