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Michael Ingui


Michael, President of Ingui Architecture, has been pivotal in steering the firm’s designs, process, and sustainability efforts since joining the firm in 1994.

Michael firmly believes that creative and successful designs stem from an inclusive and collaborative process with each member of the team. In his practice, he takes care to respect the unique individual qualities of each client and home to create distinctive, personal projects. Outside the office, Michael is a painter. He allows his artistic process to inform his designs, blending art and architecture to create one-of-a-kind spaces.

He is also a global leader in the Passive House community, frequently sharing knowledge gained through his work at conferences throughout the world. In 2019, Michael founded the Passive House Accelerator as an engine to increase awareness of Passive House and support the community of Passive House builders. In 2022, he cofounded Source 2050, a groundbreaking marketplace designed to bring high performance building components to all builders simply and effectively.