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Amy Failla


Amy is a Registered Architect, Certified Passive House Designer, and Principal at Ingui Architecture. She joined the firm in 2007, after receiving her M.Arch from the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Design. With strong design skills and the ability to manage both large and small projects, Amy has been part of some of the office’s most exciting projects. Because of her ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, clients, and builders she has become a leader in the office’s sustainability efforts. This includes the First Certified Passive House in a Landmarked District, which helped to create the firm’s repeatable approach to completing successful passive houses. She was also the lead team manager on our Brooklyn Heights Passive Rowhouse, as well as our ongoing NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence Award winning project, Engine 16.

Amy grew up in the Midwest, where horseback riding taught her determination and accountability. She aims to maintain this work ethic and blend a positive outlook with her work at Ingui Architecture.